Famous brand

Stability of business development due to the competitive advantage of the national operator

A diverse approach in choosing scooters

A wide selection of vehicles from different manufacturers at favorable prices

Quality training and support

We share our experience and help around the clock at every stage


We personally use and constantly improve the software. Help in achieving a financial result. We help to make useful analytics, audits and adjustments of the partner's operational activities

Help in achieving a financial result

We help to make useful and correct analytics, audits and adjustments of the partner's operational activities


We provide advertising support at the national level and provide the opportunity to earn from commercial offers

Coverage - choose a free place to work!









Financial indicators of business

We guarantee our partners:

  • Operating profit from the first day of work

  • Payback - from 50% per year

  • Qualitative forecasting of business indicators

Коваленко Богдан

The last season seemed to be the most successful for us. We tripled the number of our franchisees, launching at least one partner branch each month. We have reached a new level of communication and support, which is why our partners trust us. Our joint work and dedication have produced incredible results.

Bohdan Kovalenko

Head of franchising development
Лінченко Олександр

Despite the competition, we confidently occupy a large part of the market. During this year, we overcame all obstacles and set new standards for urban mobility. Thanks to our incredible team and our dedicated users who made this possible. We can confidently state a successful season, but this is only the beginning! Currently, we are already planning the implementation of new innovations to continue changing cities for the better together.

Oleksandr Linchenko

Business development specialist
Лінченко Олександр